How to cook jam

Today, there are an endless number of recipes and ways to make jam. Both the cooking time and the method of preparing berries and fruits, syrup differ.

Cooking utensils.

When choosing dishes for cooking your jam, try to pay attention to deep and wide basins or pans made of copper, aluminum or stainless steel. The best at all times were considered copper basins for jam with a comfortable long handle. Jam in such a basin is prepared quickly, which helps to preserve the color and aroma of the berries.

Selection of berries and fruits.

Try to choose the best and freshest berries and fruits for jam. Of course, only those berries that you picked in your garden on the day of cooking can be ideal berries for making jam, but, unfortunately, this is not available to everyone. When buying berries in the market or in a store, try to give preference to local fruits.

We cook the right syrup.

Take 1 kg. sugar, pour into a bowl for cooking jam, add ½ cup of clean water and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. After boiling, reduce the heat slightly, stop stirring and cook the syrup, only slightly shaking the basin, trying to avoid caramelization. Your syrup will be completely ready when it flows down from a spoon into it in a thick, viscous stream.


During the cooking of jam, foam is necessarily formed on its surface, which must be removed, because this foam not only spoils the appearance of your dish, but can also cause premature sourness.

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