We make jam from apples with the addition of fruits and berries. Jam has a certificate of quality.

The jam is thermostable. Packaging in glass jars 0.53 kg with a twist-off lid.

Among the sweet variety of summer-autumn preservation, jam occupies a special place in Slavic cooking. Such love for

This fruit and berry treat has been formed with us, probably because it can be used both as an independent delicacy and as a filling for pies, pancakes and various pastries. Jam is a food product that is obtained by

boiling berry or fruit puree with the addition of sugar or aromatic spices such as cloves and cinnamon. Compared with

jam, this type of preservation has a denser consistency, it is easy to cut it with a knife. In addition, jam contains

much more fruit pulp than jam, because the process of cooking (thickening) takes much longer.


Confiture is a type of jam or jam. Confiture contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals, as well as dietary fiber. Confiture is, first of all, a popular, widespread dessert. This dish is a jelly with the addition of crushed or whole small berries and fruits boiled with berries. In some cases, pectin or other gelling agents are added. To prepare confiture, you can take oranges, apples, strawberries, cherries, apricots. Confiture can be eaten as an independent dish, and also used as a filling for various

baking. It can be added, for example, to porridge, used to make sweet sandwiches, served with pancakes,

pancakes and casseroles.


Fruit sauce and berry sauce: sauces made from fruits, berries or their mixtures, depending on the spices and spices included in their composition, are prepared for desserts and meat dishes. For example, a sweet fruit and berry sauce with cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla is suitable for ice cream, cheesecakes, pancakes, puddings and casseroles. The same sauces can be served with chicken or turkey. Spicy berry sauces are prepared for meat and game. In their composition, pureed, whole berries or pieces of fruit and spicy seasonings are harmoniously balanced.


Jams are a very valuable and useful product. For their preparation, fruits are used, and fruits, as you know,

rich in vitamins and dietary fiber. Jams are perfect for use in a variety of products: pastries, puff products, pancakes, dumplings.

They are also ideal for use with ice cream, yoghurt, cheese, curds and other desserts.


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