Pick apples carefully.

Not all apples are suitable for storage, but only those that are carefully picked, with no signs of spoilage, rot, worminess, bruising. An accidentally scratched apple can rot, ruining the life of nearby neighbors.

Apples do not wash and wipe from dust.

A non-shiny, and sometimes dusty barrel of an apple is its protective film, natural wax, which protects against spoilage. Therefore, to wipe it, and even more so to wash it - in no case is it impossible!

Find boxes.

The best way to store it is in breathable boxes, plastic ones, which are used to store fruits in stores.

Do not pile apples on top!

Don't put all the apples in a pile. It is necessary that the boxes have two layers, a maximum of three. Make sure that the twig legs do not pierce the neighbor's side. It is best that the stalks look up or slightly to the side.

Wrap up.

Wrap each apple in tissue paper to protect it from accidental bumps and the paper to absorb excess moisture.

The main thing is temperature.

The hardest part is finding a storage location. The optimal storage temperature for all varieties of apples is +3, +5 degrees, not higher. Then the fruit will retain juiciness longer. A dry place is also not suitable! Medium humidity is needed, in a too damp room, apples will also not lie for a long time - they will rot.

Do not mix with other vegetables!

Apples do not really like neighborhoods, so you should not put them in the same cellar with cabbage, potatoes and carrots. Vegetables will break through, and apples will smell unpleasant

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