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Welcome to Urozhajnyj kraj

Urozhajnyj kraj - this is a processing plant that uses new technologies and high quality control in its production!

We are located in the Tambov region, which ranks first in the national environmental rating of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Our exact address is the Tambov region, Bondarsky district, the village of Ozerny.

We buy from farmers and grow the most delicious fruits, berries, vegetables and produce the best purees, sauces, marmalades, jams and jams.

We sell our products on the territory of the Tambov region and Russia.

Our advantage is the use of our own raw material base, which meets the standards for taste, aesthetic and hygienic qualities. We do everything professionally and efficiently, controlling the processes “from” to “to”.

You can buy our goods in bulk at manufacturer's prices.


All vegetables and fruits for production are grown exclusively in Tambov fields, which ensures low cost and 100% natural raw materials


A unique geographical region with special natural, climatic and socio-economic conditions for crop production


We carry out a personal check of each batch of raw materials, guaranteeing the freshness and excellent quality of the finished product


Each product is manufactured according to a special technology, taking into account the requirements of Russian standards, and also has all the necessary certificates of conformity

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Center My Business, Tambov

A mini-factory for the production of puree, jam and confiture was opened in the Tambov region

A mini-factory for processing vegetables and fruits has been launched in the Bondarsky district. The enterprise of the agricultural cooperative is going to produce mashed potatoes, marmalade, jams and sauces.

Fruits and vegetables that go for processing are grown here, in the ecologically clean Lake District, in the fields of the members of the Harvest cooperative. For example, these Dutch squash varieties are harvested from the farm of a Russian-Dutch family. A native of Morshansk Yulia Shemarina met Leonardus in practice from an agricultural university in the Netherlands. After a while, by the will of fate, both found themselves in Ozerny. In addition to traditional vegetables, kohlrabi, fennel, green asparagus and chicory are grown here.

vegetable marrow caviar, produced in the Tambov region, participates in the competition "Tastes of Russia - 2021"

Tambov residents are again invited to argue about tastes by taking part in the National Competition of Regional Food Brands "Tastes of Russia -2021". This time our region will again be represented by five brands. In addition to last year's nominees, such as honey, potatoes and ham, newcomers appeared. Among them - vegetable marrow caviar.

Despite the fact that zucchini and eggplant are completely different cultures, the classic recipe according to Soviet Standart did not specify which vegetable should be used to create an appetizer. And since zucchini is unpretentious in care, then on the shelves of stores in the USSR there were mainly caviar from zucchini. To this day, this vegetable is held in high esteem in the Bondarsky district, and all because a mini-factory for its processing was opened here last year. The prefix "in Tambov" is fully justified. Everything that is part of the local caviar - from zucchini to sunflower oil, is grown and created in the native land

Urozhajnyj kraj Mini-factory for processing and canning fruits and vegetables | Vegetable processing

Opening of a mini-factory for processing and preserving fruits and vegetables on the basis of the Urozhajnyj kraj in the Bondarsky district.



393238, Russian Federation, Tambov region, Bondarsky district, Ozerny village, Centralnaya street 14, apartment 2

393238, Russian Federation, Tambov region, Bondarsky district, Ozerny village, Tsentralnaya street, 14, letter P

+7 (902)-720-29-99

+7 (4753) 44-22-61


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